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Hollywood Waves for your Wedding Day

Updated: May 15, 2019

The most requested hairstyle in 2018/2019 has been the famous "Hollywood Wave" also known as "Retro Waves" or "1950's Waves".

The "Bride to be" as seen in this photo is wearing our 6 Piece Clip-In Extensions in the Color Dark Blonde. Although her hair was only 1 inch shorter than the Extensions, the 6 Piece Set gave her twice the amount of hair that she originally had.

When choosing your Pinterest Perfect Hollywood Waves, Hair Extensions are a necessity. I cannot stress enough that it barely matters if you already have long hair, Extensions often lock the style into place and create a more luscious wave. After recreating this hairstyle a numerous amount of times in 2018 I realized that the clients who added extensions had more of a wow factor rather than the clients who opted out of extensions.

Often times clients show me photos from "award winning, voluminous and polished to perfection" hairstyles. I think to myself, I can certainly recreate that as long as we have at least 160 grams plus 4 more inches of hair to work with.

Let's be realistic that when adding such an accessory it can change your entire wedding day photo. The impression you leave as a bride at first glance is unforgettable, whether it be the old "Retro Wave" or even an enhanced version of whimsical Bohemian Hair.

Style Box Beauty is a company geared towards women who want that glam and vavavoom factor. We worked closely with manufacturers to create the perfect dimensions, length, color blends and most important QUALITY! The molds were custom created to be used for Bridal looks and any special event hairstyles. The fullness and sizes of our tracks/sets cannot be found or purchased anywhere else accept for


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