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Remy Hair

Remy hair is the highest grade of human hair, the cuticles are intact and flow in the same direction from roots to the ends. High quality Remy hair is collected directly from a woman's head and has been cut while in a ponytail from a single donor and it remains at the full length since donated. 

Our Collection 

We sell a variety of hair extension methods such as 6pc Clip-in's, Individual Piece and Tape-in's. Each set is custom manufactured to distribute an even amount of volume throughout the whole head. The recommended method for at home self-application is our 6pc clip-in's or individual extensions. Tape-in Extensions must be applied by a professional licensed cosmetologist to avoid hair damage. 

How to Choose your Color

After you have found a style you like, it is time to check out color options. We offer a variety of 6 different colors per method of extensions. To get the perfect tone first start by identifying your hair color from the tip to the middle of the strand. For a natural look, blending your hair on the bottom is the most critical part. If the extensions are slightly lighter than your natural hair color, blending them throughout your hair when attaching and styling can give your hair more overall dimension. Keep in mind that you can choose a neutral color and have your extensions custom dyed or highlighted by a licensed professional.

How to Choose your Length

We only offer 20 inches in length per method of extensions. If the extensions are much longer than your natural hair, keep in mind that they can be cut by a professional to a preferred length.

6PC Clip-In Extensions

The 6pc extension set is perfect for occasional use, they are applied by snapping the attached wig clips onto the hair closest to your roots. Take clean sections starting at the bottom of your nape working your way up to the crown and sides of your head. Be sure to gently tease the roots in each section to secure the clips more successfully. If you don't care for permanent hair extensions then clip-in's are perfect for you. Wear them on special occasions or when you're feeling you need to let your inner diva out. 

Individual Clip-In Piece

The individual extension weft is also perfect for occasional use. It is applied at the mid section of your head lining it up from ear to ear, then snap the attached wig clips onto the hair closest to your roots. Be sure to take a clean section before gently teasing the root area where the clips will be snapped into place. If you're not hair savvy then this method is more simple than the 6 pc clip-in's. It is also great for special occasions or an everyday feel good look.  

Tape-In Extensions

We recommend consulting with a licensed cosmetologist before purchasing Tape-in extensions. These are to be applied by a professional to avoid any damage and mis-placement of the tracks or tips. Tape-in's are a comfortable and light method for adding extra length and volume. If applied properly, they last until your root has grown too long to hide them. Tape-in's are 1.6 inch tracks with adhesive on each weft, your own hair gets sandwiched between 2 wefts. The application process starts at the nape of your neck finishing just below the crown of your head. Be sure to leave enough hair on top to hide all the wefts below.  

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