100% Human Remy Hair 

The Highest Grade of Human Hair Extensions


At Style Box Beauty we like to role play by encouraging women to express themselves through their hair. Our motto is that “you should always name your weave, she’s your alter ago.” 


We love to hear what “bedroom” names woman come up with when they switch from casual to sexy! Wear her, name her and tag us!


The products we offer are 100% Remy Human Hair. Each set is custom manufactured and double drawn, which means 80% more thickness from roots to ends. Our goal is to give you more hair and less work. The hair can be cut, colored, styled and cared for by using similar techniques occasionally used on human hair. Be mindful not to over cut, over process or over heat this hair for once it is damaged it will remain damaged. Each kit comes with application and handling instructions.


Our products are great for creating updo’s, special styling or an everyday fuller look. Hairstylists also love working with Style Box extensions because they distribute an even amount of volume and texture from roots to ends, allowing the stylist to achieve any look the client wants.


Style Box Beauty offers an incentive program to all licensed cosmetologists and beauty bloggers. You will receive your very own personalized 10% off coupon code and a 5% commission for every sale made with your code. 


All while making money you can have fun spreading the word and introduce great quality products to other women around us. To apply email support@styleboxbeauty.com